Inverleigh Community Plan 2022


One of the tasks that the Inverleigh Progress Association (IPA) are currently working towards, is developing a new Inverleigh Community Plan for 2022. The last published version of the plan was 2013 - 2015.


The first step in developing a new plan, is conducting a thorough survey of the Inverleigh Community about a range of local matters. This was completed in November 2021 with a comprehensive 101 page document summarizing and collating the results.


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What is a Community Plan?

A Community Plan is a written document that identifies our vision for the future and the priorities and actions we have identified to achieve this vision. The Community Plan will be a guide for future projects and activities. Achievement of the priorities identified within the plan will require ongoing community support.

The Community Plan can be used to seek support from a range of organisations and government bodies for the implementation of the actions identified within the plan.

It is a community document and its implementation will be driven by our local Inverleigh residents.

Purpose of the Plan

  • ​Improve Inverleigh for the whole community

  • Build a healthy and happy community

  • Influence Council planning projects

  • Grab funding opportunities when they arise

  • Minimise the need for additional consultation

Key Outcomes

  • Builds a case for infrastructure and facility improvements

  • Well established sense of priorities

  • Long term visions and plans-­ grant ready

  • Community participation and engagement in developing the plan

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