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Inverleigh Progress Association INC.

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The Inverleigh Progress Association has been going for more than 50 years and has worked with our local councils on many projects during that time.


There are obvious and less obvious signs of the work of the Association around the township of Inverleigh. Many projects have been the result of partnerships with other groups to obtain funding and secure the project.


There are ongoing projects and we NEED more volunteers to take an interest in the progress and wellbeing of this town and community. The town has a long heritage of volunteering, which is  what makes Inverleigh a special place to live. We have many new residents and it would be wonderful to see more become actively involved. Inverleigh is not just a beautiful place to live!

President - Hilary Hamilton

Vice Pres - Deb Morrison

Secretary - Vacant

Treasurer - Luanne Thornton / Tony Waayers

Leigh News - Peter Trevaskis 

Green Light Ray

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Key Projects

River Walking Tracks

These have been developed and extended as the river has become more accessible and many people use them regularly as part of their daily exercise.

Town Stone Entrances

The two stone entrances stand at either end of the town along the Hamilton Highway. They were built by stonemason David Long and are fitting monuments. This project was funded with grants and a substantial financial contribution from the IPA.

The Leigh News Publication

This monthly newsletter began publication over 40 years ago and has changed over the years from typewritten sheets to one using the most up to date computers and printers. It is produced entirely by volunteers and has always been a free community paper published by the IPA.

The River Pump and Standpipe

This pump for locals to obtain river water for stock and domestic purposes was set up a long time ago. It has been upgraded and maintained by members of the IPA.  Users can purchase a key and there is also an annual service fee to continue pumping water from the Leigh River. The shed was rebuilt in 2020, thanks to the efforts of Tony Waayers, the Treasurer of the IPA.

Grays Garden

These two beautiful beds of Australian native shrubs and trees have been developed and maintained by Inverleigh local residents, Mr Alan and Mrs Joy Gray. Alan has always loved Australian Native plants and propagated the plants and planted the garden to create a little native oasis along the Leigh River by the Federation Bridge. The IPA have supported the site by providing signage. The garden provides a lovely stopping place beside the river and people enjoy the garden as they walk along the path and over the river.

New Inverleigh Play Space

The Community were successful in obtaining a significant State Government grant to install and landscape a new play space within a short distance of the existing public amenities block. The park has been officially named Yerrum Yaluk Bun.

Historical Lockup

The old lock up was moved from the Police Station and placed in Lawsons Park. In 2021, repairs were made to the building, and it was repainted.  Signage at the Lock Up describes the historical significance for locals and visitors alike.

The Public Notice Board

The community noticeboard outside the General Store is maintained regularly by the IPA. Notices, no larger than A4 can be left at the store and will be displayed for up to 1 month.

The Clock Tower

The original clock was donated, and the tower constructed to display the time. When it stopped a new automatic clock was purchased. This was controlled by an electronic signal, which stopped after a few years. It took some detective work by Andrew Peel (a local community member) to seek out the source and get it working again! In 2013, the signal stopped completely, and a new town clock was purchased and put in place.

Inverleigh and District Telephone Directory

A number of these booklets have been published over the years. Whilst an annual publication would be ideal it is time consuming to update and collect the data. A Federal election year is a good time to catch up with locals to seek details. The latest edition is available to pick up at the Inverleigh Store. Newest edition recently published in July 2022.  All residents & business are encouraged to add their details to remain connected to the local community.

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